Our Team

Harvey Deneroff of Deneroff Editing and Research Services

Harvey Deneroff is a former professor of animation and cinema studies. He has PhD and MA degrees from the University of Southern California in Cinema Production and History, an MS in Library Service from Columbia University, and a BA from the City College of New York in Film Techniques. He is well versed in dealing with both graduate and undergraduate students from around the world, including serving as editor on a number of MA and MFA theses. He is an experienced editor of magazines and newsletters, and has published several books and a wide variety of articles in newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals.

Vickie Deneroff of Deneroff Editing and Research Services

Vickie Deneroff is a former professor of Education, who holds a PhD in Urban Education, from UCLA, where she also received her BA and MA in History. She taught qualitative and quantitative research methods in the social sciences to graduate students. She also mentored undergraduates through the research and writing process. As an artist and poet, she relates well to those in creative and artistic fields. She was awarded third prize in the Hughes Aircraft/Griffith Observatory International Science Writing Competition for her article on solar physics.